***Still Under Development. Please mind the bugs and errors***

A Game By: Etchteekay, Chris.Gruchacz, Yassin_Hakim,  _Calm_Kote_.

Submitted for: Quarantine Jam by LebGameDev.

You are a babysitter trying to take care of 5 energetic kids!  Try to make them stay home! This game has 3 different endings you can get. It depends on how many kids are in the house! Try and get the different endings! Play and Enjoy!

P.S.: All assets are done during the period of the jam! 


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I really like the art and music! Quite like the concept of grabbing crazy babies as well. 

I think the gameplay is overly simple though. babies move towards the door, I grab them and that's it. It's the same gameplay loop without much strategy for me as a player. 

I think it would have been if each baby had different patterns and needs, kinda similar to how each pac-man ghost is different. So now I can maybe predict where each would want to go and act accordingly, instead of always just running to the door

Would be nice if the level was bigger and the babies would interact with more stuff. Right now, anyone can walk into and over anything unless it's a wall. but it would be more fun if you're not just chasing the babies, but stopping them (and yourself) from making a mess. 

Babies could knock things down, get paint on themselves, cakes, try to grab cookies. etc... Just be huge nuisance. You almost WANT the little rascals to just leave :p

Anyway, still enjoyed it overall! Great work!

Hope to see you in more game jams!

Love the assets and cute music! Fun to play for a bit, then gets repetitive though, don't feel any added challenge!

Sadly, we didn't have time to implement some of our original ideas. But we added different ending to make sure the player plays at least 3 time to get the variation of the endings. Anyways thanks for this feedback we will try next time to do more "challenge"!

Jump Scare got me

Bet you weren't expecting it!

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Holy Fuck 2spoopy4me

These babies are resilient little bastards they just yeet off as soon as they can.

The art and music are top, and genuine fear at the horror ending fuck me

Sorry for vulgarity just really effective

It isn't a horror game, just a punishment for the players who let all the kids leave. Thanks for this amazing comment hope you enjoyed playing as much as we enjoyed creating it.